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zondag 15 november 2020 (09:30-17:30) - 2 lesdagen


This 2-day workshop is designed for mindfulness teachers who have been trained in MBCT and are interested in learning this new curriculum. The workshop begins with an introduction to the theoretical and empirical background for MBCT-L. We then consider the organization of the 8-week curriculum and explore the practices and exercises that are found in MBCT for depression but are specific for MBCT-L's broader intentions. These include appreciation and befriending practices, a "vicious flower" of what maintains distress, and skills that support greater responsiveness in thought and action. Participants will practice teaching these elements of the program to each other in pairs or small groups.

Instituut voor Aandacht en Mindfulness Instituut voor Aandacht en Mindfulness Heusden

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