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zondag 14 februari 2021 (15:00-17:00) - 5 lesdagen


Cacao Practitioner Training *** Online Transformational Cacao Facilitator Course

A 5-Week Empowering Immersion into Cacao Ritual

14th February - 14th March, 2021

Join Cacao shaman Shadi Henau on a guided transformative journey and find a deeper connection with the powerful ancestral medicine plant of Cacao. Shadi has been holding Cacao rituals for 7 years and lives in Guatemala, deeply connected with the Cacao itself and with the local Mayan elders and their tradition.

In this course, we bring a unique mix of ancestral Mayan indigenous wisdom combined with tools and tips for your Cacao rituals, held by an empowering ceremonial framework. This training will give you the basic tools and connection to facilitate your Cacao ceremony with knowledge and responsibility.

“An invaluable experience offering Cacao lovers and ceremonialists the opportunity to dive deep with the ancestral medicine in a fun, supported, transformative and playful way."    

About the Training

One Spirit’s Cacao Practitioner Training aims to bring both people who are experienced and people who are new to Cacao the necessary foundations of Cacao ritual in a playful and interactive way.

During this training, aspiring as well as active Cacao facilitators will gain a deep understanding and connection with ceremonial Cacao as a plant medicine.
We are going to offer you the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to work with Cacao in a responsible way, while honoring the medicine in its powerful mission of supporting the consciousness shift and re-connection to Earth that humanity is experiencing as a collective.

"This training will help you create an ongoing deep connection with ceremonial Cacao and offer you the confidence, knowledge and tools to hold powerful ceremonies."

During this 5-week transformational online journey, we will create a strong ritual space for receiving the joyful and empowering teachings of ceremonial Cacao. This process will allow for a deeper knowing of ourselves, and offer us the potential of coming home into a powerful heart-space.

The intention of our training is to empower you as an individual in connecting deeply with the medicine and with your own potential as a space-holder for your process and the collective process of transformation at this powerful time on the planet, supported by Cacao as your ally.

Course Buildup

The structure of this training is held and created by Shadi Henau, Cacao ritualist and Mayan cosmology apprentice. We have been cultivating a deep connection with the land and the ancestors of Guatemala, where the powerful Cacao we will be using originates from.

The Cacao Practitioner Training is built up in a way that will fully allow you to connect to Cacao's energy as well as gain all the information you need to host Cacao rituals with love and care for yourself and your participants. We will guide you through a shamanic 5-week ritual process of personal growth and empowerment.Each of the 5 live sessions will involve the ritual drinking of Cacao, and guided meditations and interactive transmissions from Shadi for you to allow a deeper connection with the Cacao's spirit.

In between each training module, you will have the opportunity to connect in smaller groups to offer and receive support. Throughout and after the training, you will have access to a set of powerful growth tools available in the training's Facebook platform. After the training, you will have access to all the session recordings, and you will be able to stay connected to a network of inspired Cacao practitioners who support each other's process and work.

About the Facilitator
Shadi Henau

Shadi is originally from Belgium and has been living in Guatemala for about six years. They travelled all over Latin America, through India and in the US during which they trained to be a Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Cacao facilitator.
Shadi organizes and assists at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and studies Mayan cosmology with local elder Francisco Puac in Guatemala. Shadi has been hosting transformational rituals using ceremonial grade Cacao in Europe, Mexico and Guatemala since 2014. Shadi's long-lasting travel experience make them the perfect host for spiritual travels and retreats in Central America.

Did you connect with ceremonial Cacao and feel like you want to work with it in a responsible and creative way?

Do you feel ready to support humanity regain a deeper connection with the Earth, with ritual and with the body?

Do you want to learn about guiding a ritual with respect for the Cacao medicine, and learn to hold space for your process and the process of your participants as they journey with Cacao?

Course Specifics

>>> Practical

This 5-week Cacao Practitioner Training will take place online with weekly 3-hour Zoom sessions on Sunday afternoons (15:00-18:00 CET / 9am-12 noon ET) and voluntary support calls throughout the week. Each week there will be tailored interactive homework assignments. The training's Facebook group will also serve as our course platform, community connection and support space.

>>> Dates

Sunday 14th February until Sunday 14th March, 2021

>>> Pricing

285 EUR - 350 USD - 475 CAD - 273 GBP

For the 5-week training

Includes 3 pounds/1,35 kg. of Guatemalan ceremonial Cacao delivered to your door

(Import duties may apply if you live outside of the EU)

>>> What’s Included?

  • 5 weeks of guided self-empowering journey , designed and led by experienced Cacao shaman Shadi Henau, for you to deepen your connection and knowledge with ceremonial Cacao
  • 3 pounds of powerful Guatemalan ceremonial cacao delivered to your door (33 ceremonial portions - €112 value). We will drink a ceremonial portion of Cacao during each live session.
  • 5 live sessions where you will learn about Cacao history, ceremony, hosting your own sessions + receive transmissions and guided meditations
  • Lifetime access to recordings of all the sessions
  • Voluntary mid-week zoom calls to share your process and receive support from your peers
  • The new and updated One Spirit Cacao Manual
  • Access to the interactive Facebook group where you will receive support and opportunities to network with other Cacao practitioners, during and after the training


>>> Not Included

  •  Private coaching and Cacao counselling sessions with Shadi (inquire for availability)
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