Leren over Andes-Kosmovisie-Rituals and Ancestral Healing. (Oud-Heverlee, België)

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zaterdag 01 juni 2019 (09:30-17:00) - 2 lesdagen


Last promotion.

If you register before May 15 you have a discount.

1 day / participant: € 125
2 days / participant: € 250
After 15/5 the value of the weekend:
€ 300 / weekend (participant

Do not miss this opportunity to know how to help yourself and help others. Zayin will teach you some secrets that many do not want to disclose about healing.
It is time for you to use those tools, don't give your power to others.

1)-Basic explanation about the philosophy of the ancient cultures of the Mapuche, Aymara, Q’eros and Kogis Indians, to understand how our relation to everything van ameliorate and how we relate to Mother Earth and our ancestors.

2)-The power of rituals in our life. In this part we learn how we can convince our mind to let loose old patterns. You take with you a good basis to solve the problems of everyday life.

3)-Healing. We are beings who are conscious of the degree of interaction with the energy-world and who are conscious that we can heal others in their physical and energy body.

4)-You learn how the old Indian cultures take interest in the healing of our relation towards everything. It is important to understand why it is necessary to integrate in ourselves the connection and synchronisation with Mother Earth. We learn how we can find help in our everyday life, how we can set new targets in our life, how to observe and to understand thoroughly processes.

5)-We broaden our knowledge of Shamanic Psychotherapy.

6)-We try to realize our physical, emotional and mental healing. We try to raise the consciousness of our members, to improve the quality of life in different aspects : healing our finances, our relations and our health. We hope to realize this by gaining better understanding of ourselves, of our Godhead and of the Light of our consciousness.

Zayin has the ancestral wisdom and as a Master he manages the HEALING ENERGY of ancestral cultures as these of the Mapuche, Aymara, Q’eros and Kogis. The work of the powerful Shaman as he is, goes so deep that you will see directly results.
He was 6 times initiated in the Q’eros’ culture (latest Ayllu-Inca), in which the ancestral knowledge is handed over from father to son and from teacher to disciple by initiation.

Zayin passes his knowledge for years in different initiation schools and specifically with the Q’eros, whereby he passes all secret knowledge of the Incas with great care.
He gives workshops in Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Spain.

PS : the themes can vary depending on the speaker and on the basis of the energy of the participants.

Last promotion.

If you register before May 15 you have a discount.

1 day / participant: € 125
2 days / participant: € 250
After 15/5 the value of the weekend:
€ 300 / weekend (participant

It is possible to register by day, if you wish but to take into account the contribution after May 15 would be per day 150€
Different payment options available.

Address : De Kluis 1, 3051 Oud-Heverlee, België
You are welcome between 09h30 and 17h00

Languages : Spanish, Dutch and English possible (when there is great demand).

What to bring with you ?
Handkerchiefs, loose clothes.
Take with you pen and paper, a blanket for your comfort, bottled water to use in the working space and a drum or rattle if you have one.

Potluck meals : you bring a meal to the meeting and you share/exchange it with another participant.
Overnight accommodation Included for those who want to stay.

+32 (0)473 63 21 33
Limited Availability . Reserve fast to be enrolled.

Personalised Healing – after appointment.

I look forward to our meeting.

- 17 %
€ 250
i.p.v. € 300

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