Stay in a monastery & learn Tibetan Healing Yoga (Kathmandu)

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maandag 18 maart 2024 (00:00-00:00) - 8 lesdagen


Experience an education of the Tibetan Five Elements Practices and Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing yoga in an authentic Tibetan Monastery.

During these seven days we are guest in the hotel of a Tibetan Kagyu Monastery.
The hotel is situated in the compound of the Monastery, so we are part of the monastic life.
The location is around the famous and beautiful stupa of Boudhanath  in Kathmandu.

Every morning we start our day to be part of the morning prayers and rituals in the monastery.
Afterwards we can enjoy our breakfast together.
From the morning until lunch we focus on the Lu Jong and the Tibetan five-element practice.
We learn practical yoga exercises, breathing exercises and meditations.
But we will also have education about the five elements, Tibetan Medicine, and Tibetan Buddhism in general.
After lunch we go around Kathmandu to visit sacred places connected with Tibetan Buddhism. Where we do our practices and some guided meditation.

When we return to Boudhanath we will end our day with a kora* around the stupa.
Where we will be part of the many Tibetans who perform that every evening.

Our day end with a dinner in our hotel.

* A Kora is making a circumambulation around a sacred site

Your teacher is Maaike, who is an experienced educator in Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga, Buddhist Psychology, Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation, Sword Yoga and General Mindfulness.
She is already educated more then 10 years and trained more then 70 teachers.

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