Mustang, the last forbidden Kingdom, Nepal (Kluisbergen)

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donderdag 19 september 2019 (00:00-00:00) - 17 lesdagen


In this trip we visit exclusive places as the beautiful Guru Rinpoche cave and the oldest Buddhist monastery in Nepal.

This trip is a combination of jeep and hiking (with moderate intensity) to discover you will discover unique and old monasteries.

Mustang is a magical place where nature and culture work together to keep a very old tradition alive.

We will practice meditation together in the stunning nature and sacred Buddhist & Bön places.

Mustang was and still is an enchanted region where nature and culture intermingled to keep a very old tradition alive.

Culturally, geographically, and historically Tibetan, but within the borders of Nepal, it has become a time capsule of Tibetan heritage and a place where the rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is carried on to this.

The essence of Mustang’s beauty is within the contrast between the desert-like landscape and the richness of the culture.

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