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Yue Style Taijiquan: Postures and Simple MovementsThe Taijiquan practice we do derives from two main sources: the Yue Huanzhi lineage and the Tian Zhaolin lineage. Both Yue and Tian were teaching Taijiquan in Shanghai till about 1960 and helped to develop the so-called “Shanghai Style Taijiquan”. Our weapon training comes from Tian Zhaolin and the open hand techniques from Yue Huanzhi.

Dr. Fu Qinglong, a Taoist alchemist, doctor, and martial arts expert studied with both masters and transmitted their teachings to Prof. Dan KJ Vercammen.
In this course we teach you the postures and simple movements of Yue Style Taijiquan, which is in fact Yang Style Taijiquan with a difference.

Before studying sets of movements you should first learn to develop Qi and fluids circulations, Jin (Taiji-energies), Yi (focus), and “Shen” (this refers to the use of subtle Qi for alchemical purposes). If you don't practice this way chances are that you'll never have a good foundation. The best way to realize this foundation is by practicing the postures. That way you'll also be able to stand (and later move) correctly and effectively.

Prof. Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen teaches you each of the “37” stances (in fact there are more) and explains in great detail the correct way of practicing. He also refers to the background philosophy, applications, and other important facts.
This is the first in our series of online Taijiquan courses. We plan courses on the applications of the movements, on sets and sequences of movements, but also on the theory and history of Taijiquan.
The course is in English.

Note: in this online course you can scroll back and forward to watch the instructions again; you can watch several times a day and you can access the online course for 12 consecutive months so that you have enough time to absorb and practice the course. And why not take a live workshop, seminar, course or lecture at our China Arts College institute in Antwerp, Belgium? Profit from Prof. Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen's detailed instructions, his more than four decades of experience, and his inspiring teaching.

Enjoy watching the course and we wish you a lot of fun with practicing.

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