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“Mirna Hidalgo - expert in Creativity and Collaboration”
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business coach, burn out, creatieve workshops, zelfontplooiing, coach, expert in creativity and collaboration
business coach burn out creatieve workshops zelfontplooiing coach
  • business coach
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Mirna is and expert in the Psychology of Creativity, and also on building Collaboration. She is an artist and teaches creative thinking through fun, original events. She also runs off-site team building events fostering creative thinking and collaboration for companies. She works with corporates and individuals to help them develop themselves strategically. This means that we take into account both analytical and creative thinking and learn how to use self-reflection and interpersonal skills to achieve excellent results while maintaining peace of mind. Mirna gives training at private and public organisations and works on individual coaching programmes. She believes that everyone has precious qualities and is therefore a Gem, and that through a choice to live strategically and wisely we can all become a Wiser Gem. Her programme for women includes "The Art of War for Women" (an initiation to strategic thinking applied to your personal life, conflict, negotiation and personal influence courses and RenewYou, a one-day personal development course designed for women who care about their choices in life and career. She runs "Art, Wine and Fun!", a new concept in Brussels designed for a relaxed moment and an initiation to painting including wine tasting at the most beautiful location in the Galeries du Roi. She also works with companies to develop communication, negotiation and personal influence skills.
Mirna Hidalgo is a leadership advisor and coach who specialises in Strategic Personal Development, creative thinking an collaboration. She is the Founder of Wiser Gems, a firm that coaches, trains and consults on creativity and interpersonal skills. Mirna has 20 years of corporate experience as manager of international teams and is a lawyer, dance teacher and painter. She is a qualified coach, who has studied with leading authorities on burn-out prevention. She is the only RenewYou specialised trainer licensed in Belgium, has also degrees in Fine Arts and the Psychology of Creativity and a long business and management background. At times where the world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and the constant change requires that we adapt, Mirna offers a way to reconnect and rediscover our most precious talents of imagination, creativity and collaboration. She is also a lecturer for diplomats at the College of Europe, where she teaches about communication skills applied to negotiations.

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