Shekina Ray

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Shekina Ray has been an Energy Healer and teacher since 2000. She is a Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Access Consciousness Facilitator and Tantra Educator.

She enjoys encouraging people to find ways to express themselves and teaches a variety of classes that assist people in discovering their passions, loving and accepting themselves, building their self-esteem and helping them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.

With her extensive background in energy healing and bodywork, she can assist clients not only with stress relief and relaxation but also with a variety of other issues.

For couples she offers sessions and private classes to help with:

• Connecting with each other with all five senses
• Using breath, sound and movement to increase pleasure
• Making each other feel safe and secure
• Helping each other with emotional needs
• Learning to sexually satisfy each other
• Meeting each other on the spiritual level
• Learning to communicate your desires and create your dreams as you transform together
• Learn how to give each other feedback without being critical

For women:

• Sexual inhibition
• Decreased libido, menopause
• Releasing guilt and shame about pleasure
• Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
• Recovering from trauma of childbirth or surgery
• Body image and self-confidence
• Self-pleasuring techniques
• Multiple full body orgasm and ejaculation
• Tantric face massage and energetic facelift
• Learning to pleasure their partner

For men:

• Erectile dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Prostate health
• Recovering from trauma and sexual abuse
• Body image and self-confidence
• Sexual inexperience
• Fear of intimacy
• Releasing guilt and shame around sexuality
• Learning self-pleasure and pleasuring others
• Learning to have multiple full body orgasms
Shekina Ray is a qualified registered nurse but over time she became frustrated with the approach of Western medicine. In her search for alternatives, she studied many energy healing modalities such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Reiki, Reflexology and more. She is a Reiki Master and taught Reiki for over a decade. She is a Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing practitioner, and Access Consciousness Facilitator. She is also a Certified Tantra Educator and Tantric Massage Therapist.


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