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“Embody Your Sexual Life Force Energy”
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Soul Healing Sessions: Energetic Tantra Sessions:

Topics that are addressed:
conscious lovemaking • sexual trauma • sexual dysfunction • premature ejaculation • erectile dysfunction • frigidity • sex is medicine • orgasmicness as a healing modality • lovemaking for spiritual development • effects of porn/fantasy • epidemic of plastic surgery
Conscious relating • embodiment • relating as a spiritual tool • unraveling conditioning caused by mother/father

SPIRITUALITY: understanding your blueprint • beyond conditioning • integration ~ consciousness of the body • hear the voice of your soul • attracting abundance • accessing creativity • wisdom of nature ~ Light Language

healing trauma (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, etc) • depression • anxiety • emotional health

THE SESSIONS are currently online.
For 20 years I have devoted my life to spiritual and personal growth. In this I have walked, researched, studied many different paths. Education/courses or workshops done in Hatha yoga, Tibetan yoga, Tantrayana, Buddhism, Advaita, Dzogchen, Relationship Academy at Heart IQ, Intuitive dance...

My greatest passion is to help myself and others remember the true nature of who we really are. This is the freedom we all essentially seek beyond all dualities. This highest form of yoga tantra and awareness.

Every year in September I organize a retreat swimming with Whales in French Polynesia.

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