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donderdag 14 oktober 2021 (19:00-14:00) - 4 lesdagen


Why dance within a group of men?
What difference could this make?
How might this change reach beyond just us?

If you are interested in these questions then read on...

This embodied journey is an invitation for brothers to get real, to free ourselves from posturing, performing and overdoing. Creating space to be fully present in the complex dance of life. This process will help us to go deep into the work at hand.

An opportunity to be authentic, dare to be vulnerable and dive deeper into our capacity to connect. Through this, we learn how to expand our awareness of those around us, the communities we interact with and the world at large. We will gather and with the support of the dance to align body, heart and mind to connect to our unique essence, discover our purpose, own our place in community and take responsibility for what we can.

We will be guided by a variety of Movement Medicine maps and Johanna Macys Work that Reconnects. Exploring the archetypes of the child, teenager, warrior, lover, father and elder. We will also have time for personal reflection and to gather in smaller support groups.

Workshop in het Engels.

Oost West Centrum Oost West Centrum Antwerpen

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  • Hilde De Houwer Hilde De Houwer Herk de stad

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