A call to Sacred Love - Returning Home 6 day retreat France (Mont–et–Marré)

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maandag 21 augustus 2017 (20:00-11:00) - 6 lesdagen


In In this world, there is an enormous shift taking place. More and more people are longing to return home. To contact their heart, connect to their true potential by finding purpose in their life. 

In the same time, they reach out again, to re-unite the masculine with the feminine in an act of Sacred Union. For this to happen, huge shapeshifting is required to bring both back into balance. One is challenged to change, to grow and to expand in mind, body and spirit.

​By falling into our own hearts.

By honoring the feminine and masculine inside of ourselves.

By living from the source of life, the one energy that is available to all of us.
By acknowledging, expressing and feeling our sexuality, our life force energy, our creative energy! The motor of life that invites us to experience its full magic. If we allow it, if we say YES to it, if we welcome it, embrace it and recognize it. 

In this retreat, we will anchor the Holy Connection between the masculine and feminine. And we will invite you to create your own destiny from this stabile foundation. 

It is from the inspiration of the Sacred Union and out of our own lifechanging experience of it that we, Evi Maes and Kai Helmich invite you to hear our call.

It is from our own hearts that we invite you to follow the energy, joy and playfulness to reconnect with life itself.

The Essence

Tantric inspired Energy work
Sacred Rituals 
Energetical constellations
Powerful music and dance
Movement Meditation
Somatic explorations through contact and touch
Trauma release
Conscious Sexuality
Inner Child Healing  
Mindfull self-loving and self pleasuring practice (solo tantra)
Breathing exercises that stimulate Heart Full communication and indicate your limits - Speaking your truth

In openness and respect for each other.
In love and trust.

It is important to know that an unconditional, non judgemental and loving approach is central to our work. We opt for a confidential and safe environment. Everything is negotiable, everything is welcome. We have no omniscient truth in store and we can mirror each other in this energy field. That the connection between man and woman is one of the strongest and most beautiful things that exist between people.
And we only live a spark of how it is really intended.

We invite you to rediscover this connection and to relive it with us.

Every exercise is channeled in advance, so exactly what is needed in this very moment, which allows the magic to unravel.

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€ 300
i.p.v. € 400

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Evi Maes en Kai Helmich
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