SOUL MOVEMENT – BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release – Elina Ratna – 25-28 May (Aartselaar)

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donderdag 25 mei 2017 (11:00-13:30) - 4 lesdagen



This work is dedicated to rebirthing people into their highest potential, consciousness and spontaneous expression. It reactivates our ability to LIVE FULLY and thus LOVE DEEPLY. When we are vibrantly connected to ourselves and to all of life, we naturally create rather than destroy.

The foundation of this program is somatic, movement-based practices, along with powerful breath-work sessions (BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release®), self-inquiry processes and meditation. This supports people through discovering and addressing stored traumas and shocks in the body and most importantly: to release them from their system in a safe, joyful and supported manner.

Elina’s mission is to get people out of their heads, to connect more deeply with how they feel in their bodies. In doing so, the inner “no” to happiness and joy is identified and released. We can then step into a “yes” to life, and a “yes” to feeling, living and being. During this practice, people connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self. They also discover their spontaneous forms of expression and realize the freedom that comes with being a better, healthier and more conscious person in this world.


If you feel it is time for change! If you feel you are tiered of living as a “belittled” version of yourself. If you feel there is more to yourself than what you know. If you feel you are not entirely living up to your potential, you feel stuck emotionally, physically, sexually or creatively. If you wish to dissolve the vicious, repetitive cycles of suffering and to face up to yourself and to your truth. If you feel you carry some residual charge from shocks, traumatic events, conditionings in your system and want to liberate yourself from this. If you are tiered of wearing masks and identities that prevent your from being your authentic self. If you feel ready for a change, if you feel called to start a new chapter in your life! If you are ready to be lovingly, yet firmly kicked into being yourself! Then this is for you!

No previous experience is necessary in any of the practices offered. Women and men of all age are welcomed (from age 18).

What to expect ? / Program :

This group work is specifically designed for people to dive deeper into self-discovery as a group but also individually. The power of movement, breath and self-discovery has a tremendous effect on the brain and the body, allowing for greater personal achievement and helping people connect with themselves interpersonally, and with the greater source. This work involves exercises as an individual but also as a group.

  • Conscious & free forms of movement and dance
  • Exploration of music & rhythms as support tools for self discovery
  • Body awareness exercises
  • Connecting exercises
  • Meditation practices
  • Active meditations
  • Somatic exercises
  • Breath-work sessions (BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release®)
  • Expressive arts activities, techniques and tools to assist in finding personal purpose, passion and a sense of power
  • Elements of contact improvisation
  • Elements of Tantra
  • Developing the consciousness of the self, of the body, of the other, and of the space around us
  • Contemplation and ceremony in nature
  • Psycho-spiritual work encouraging self-inquiry and self-discovery. Thus leading to a connection to the sense of self, to the heart and to the greater source.

Schedule (may slightly vary):

25th May:
11 am : arrival, registration, payments
1pm : lunch
2pm- 6pm : afternoon session
6:30 pm : dinner

26th May:
8 am: breakfast
9 am – 12pm : Morning session
12pm- 1:30 pm : Lunch break
2pm- 6pm : afternoon session
6:30 pm : dinner

27th May:
8 am: breakfast
9 am – 12pm : Morning session
12pm- 1:30 pm : Lunch break
2pm- 6pm : afternoon session
6:30 pm : dinner
7:30 : evening session

28th May
8 am: breakfast
9 am – 12pm : Closing session
12pm- 1:30 pm : Lunch

PRICE for “Soul Movement” retreat:
Early bird: €315 until April 20   Full: €355 after April 20
Deposit to secure your participation: 25%. (Deposit non refundable after 30 days prior workshop. Unless cancelled by Universa).
Please pay deposit to: Milagrow BE58 7390 1407 2879 with subject “Soul Movement, Elina Ratna”

We offer vegetarian meals three times a day at €100 for the 4 day course.
If you would like to enjoy our meals, please request this in your subscription.
There is also an organic farm shop at the center, but it’s only open on Friday and Saturday during the course.
There are no other shops or eating possibilities nearby.

It’s possible to stay at Milagrow for the duration of the course.
There are no bedrooms, but participants can sleep on the floor on their own sleeping matt or mattress.
There are two toilets and a shower available. Price per night is €5.
The nearest accommodation is in Antwerp, 20 mins away by car or about 1 hour by public transport.

Elina Ratna is a body & energy work practitioner, massage therapist, life coach for personal empowerment, BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® practitioner, and creator & facilitator of “Soul Movement” classes and workshops worldwide.

Over 8 years she has been practicing various modalities of body-work, breath-work, massage, meditation, movement, Tantra and dance, as well as numerous other healing, therapeutic and holistic modalities. Her experience has lead her to synthesize her knowledge and Elina Ratna developed a unique practice called “Soul Movement”.

Currently, her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth and empowerment. She facilitates groups and private sessions around the world, online and in person.

€ 355

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